State of Delaware
Statistical Analysis Center



The Delaware Statistical Analysis Center provides the Governor, Legislature, and Criminal Justice Agencies with a capability for objective research analysis, and projections relating to criminal justice issues in order to improve the effectiveness of policymaking, program development, planning, and reporting as delineated in Chapter 89 sections 8901-8905. Perform prison population projections. Perform evaluation/assessment’s of sentencing initiatives and proposed laws per HB 300 section 71. Conduct studies and forecasts of juvenile crime and institutional population. Perform data collection and evaluation of anti-drug abuse and violent crime initiatives.

Key Objectives

  • Generate statistical, analytical, research, and forecasting products concerning crime and the criminal justice system in Delaware.
  • Provide technical assistance in the identification of sources, collection, analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of criminal justice statistics to local and state governmental agencies.
  • Promote the orderly development of criminal justice information, statistical systems, and criminal justice research and analysis within the State.
  • Provide statistical and analytical services upon request.

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